Pür Aesthetics is an Organic Skin Fitness + Wellness Retreat Suite. We provide medically effective, organically safe treatments for acne, rosacea, pigmented, aging and oncology skin. Organic waxing for the face + body, mineral makeup services and professional products await your PUR transformation! Receive a $10 off coupon when you sign up to get "THE SKINNY" with Skin Fitness Coach Liz Black (a newsletter with FREE skinfo)! Have a Purely Holistic, Radiantly Beautiful, Organic Day!
This is the journey of a thousand steps. You are the architect of your dreams, the genie in the bottle, the co-creator of your life and I'm here to help ignite that flame within you when it's only flickering! Your lighthouse must be bright, so that is shines through darkness and lights the way for others. We all have big gifts that we must deliver to the world by divine right and your heart's longing is the perfect compass to guide you to your highest self, but to listen to your heart requires you to listen to your body because it is the perfect security/GPS system. So take care of you and the rest will follow!