Mayapur Vrindavan Trust Bhakti Yoga Ashram


My classes are described in three words…Gentle, Simple and Flowing. I believe that yoga should be simple enough for everyone to benefit without the pressure to perform. The western world has made yoga very competitive and that is not the point at all! So if you have been intimidated to go to a yoga class, then this is the one for you. I want everyone to relax and connect with their breath in simple flowing sequences. You don’t have to know the names of the poses or be able to bend like a pretzel. Classes are in 4 week sessions and each class is an hour long. Currently our Friday class at 8:30am is full. If you would like a private session or would like to join a class please contact me and we can arrange a schedule. Liz has her 250 hour certification from Westside Yoga and has studied yoga and Bhakti devotion in India.

$75 // 4 week session

$75 for each private session

SourcePoint Therapy

SourcePoint Therapy ® is a simple non-invasive energetic approach to healing intended to support and enhance whatever modality you are using as a practitioner or receiving as a client.

SourcePoint Therapy® works with points in the human energy field that connect the physical body directly to the blueprint of health: the information of order, balance, harmony and flow inherent in the body and in the universal energy of Source.

SourcePoint Therapy® teaches and uses a body scanning technique that locates energetic blockages in the body that obstruct the fundamental information of order, balance, harmony, and flow from manifesting in the physical body.

$120 for 1 session

$95 for weekly sessions

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SourcePoint Therapy: Exploring the BluePrint of Health 

by Donna Thomson with Bob Schrei


SourcePoint Therapy: Exploring the Blueprint of Health

SourcePoint Therapy® is a simple, non-invasive approach to energy work. It provides an energetic container and context for whatever other modalities we use to help others or ourselves. It is intended to support, not replace, healing work that is done at the physical or psychological level and is not intended to be a stand-alone modality of therapeutic work. This book introduces you to the basic principles and practices of SourcePoint. The fundamental premise of SourcePoint is that there is a universal energy field in which we dwell, and that we are a part of. We call this universal energy simply Source. This universal energy field contains the information of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow necessary to create and sustain life; within it are found blueprints for all forms of life. In SourcePoint our intention is to provide a means of connecting specifically with the Blueprint of health for the human being. This energetic template contains the information necessary to sustain physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, including that of the highest potential we have as human beings. We can access this Blueprint for the benefit of others and ourselves. The body has an inherent capacity to “download” this information of health. In this book you will find a thorough exploration of the concept of the Blueprint of Health throughout human history, from the perspective of many philosophical, spiritual and healing traditions, as well as a description of the practices of SourcePoint Therapy and simple meditative practices that can help you connect directly and personally with the Blueprint of Health.