Connect your cycle with Mama Luna for an abundance of Wellness + Wonder!

(In Mayan mythology, the jaguar is a symbol of the night sun, lunar energy and darkness.)

Photo Credit: Peter Carrington

Welcome to my Wild Wellness Warrior Spirit! The experience of illumination from having a Super Full Moon Eclipse brings in the light and the darkness to show our shadow self (the parts of ourselves that we hide) and our illuminated self (the parts that make us shine.)The energy of the lunar cycle is expanded when the pull of the moon is in it’s fullness. Honoring the lunar cycle honors our circadian rhythm of life’s process. We are wildly connected to nature and by recognizing the energy of the moon and how it works in our life, wakes up the hidden magic and mystical parts of ourselves that yearn to create a world that is in alignment with our highest and deepest intentions.

Creating your life’s purpose becomes easier when you connect to the energy of the Earth’s seasons and lunar cycles. The Farmer’s Almanac is a perfect example of creating a bountiful harvest with the seasons, cycles and rhythms of the Earth’s purpose in mind. We dare not plant seeds in the dead of winter because they simply would not grow! Right?!

At the time of a full moon all that you have planted such as ideas, dreams, actions are magnified and illuminated to expand your growth and consciousness. The pull on the Earth from the Moon’s energy is almost like pulling those ideas and dreams out of you to be honored and brought into the light to be seen by yourself and others. In order to purposely create an abundant harvest of your deepest desires, it is best to begin on the new moon!

Here is ONE simple truth to live by when creating an abundance of Wellness in harmony with your Wild Self and Mother Nature…

All women, especially those that experience menstruation should sync their period with the energies of the new moon. Even if you no longer have your periods this is still the best time for you to go within and listen. The new moon energy and your womb space is a container of fertilization to sow the seeds of new thoughts, ideas, dreams and intentions.

The womb is also known as the “second brain,” so allow this time to listen to your womb by honoring your self through more self care. Take a nap, relax, enjoy writing in a journal, eat well, bath in salts for purification, anoint your body with essential oils, get a facial, enjoy a massage, read a juicy book, etc. This is a sacred time for a woman to listen to her deepest intuition and hear her heart’s desires. You must honor it and give thanks because it will not lead you astray! Our society has not illuminated the gifts of our womb space. We are taught to despise our periods and our bodies because the information we receive at this time can be very powerful. So take your power back and listen to your body! Just like Mother Earth on a new moon, she too is planting new seeds and renews herself for growth and expansion.

Here are some answers to some questions you may have…

Q: How do you do align your periods with the new moon?

A: It’s pretty simple! Just by being aware of the lunar cycle and when the new moon arrives your body will shift and begin to orchestrate the meeting place. You can also ask your womb to renew on the new moon. She will listen and it will become a part of your synchronization for co-creation with the energies of the Earth. Because you are Nature, it is an intuitive process that will unfold naturally. Trust in the process!

Q: How does this have any reference to better skin?

A: Wowzers! That is a loaded question, but I’m eager to answer. 🙂 Your hormones are receiving messages from the external world through all your senses. Hormones regulate the functions of all your internal organs and when you are stressed and not living in balance  with nature’s rhythms, many of your organs, the skin included, because it’s an organ will show signs of oxidative damage aka AGING!!!! It can manifest as acne, rosacea, dermatitis, wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, etc.

Here is an excerpt from titled Metabolism and Cancer: The Circadian Clock Connection

(The Earth’s rotation around its axis leads to day–night cycles, which affects the physiology of most living organisms. Circadian (from the Latin circa diem meaning ‘about a day’) clocks are intrinsic, time-tracking systems that enable organisms to anticipate environmental changes (such as food availability and predatory pressure) and allow them to adapt their behaviour and physiology to the appropriate time of day.[7] Rhythms that occur with a periodicity of 24 hours are considered circadian. Feeding behaviour, sleep–wake cycles, hormone levels and body temperature are just a few examples of physiological circadian rhythms, with light being the principal regulator or zeitgeber.  A major consequence of a modern lifestyle is the disruption of circadian rhythms. This leads to several pathological conditions, including sleep disturbances and depression. Importantly, accumulating evidence shows that the alteration of circadian rhythms might lead to increased susceptibility to cancer in humans. Epidemiological studies have revealed that the risk for breast cancer is significantly higher in industrialized societies, and that the risk increases as developing countries become more westernized)

If you have any other questions about living in tune with the lunar cycle, please don’t hesitate to send me an email and share your thoughts with me! I’m happy to help!

In honor of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse,
Be courageous enough to live from your Wildest Self that is in alignment with Mother Earth! 

Please share this with those who are ready to hear the wild wake up call!

Insight + Light!  Earth = Heart!

Your Wild Wellness Warrior,

Liz Black

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