Skin Fitness Coaching


This is a journey and it begins with taking the first step to healthy skin! Pur Aesthetics is a holistic and organic skincare practice that serves to heal your skin from within. We will work together to get to the root cause of your skincare issues. Many times products alone do not offer immediate satisfaction until we have addressed the root cause internally. Hormonal imbalances, candida, nutritional deficiencies, poor digestive health and stress are a few major concerns to identify when creating skin care solutions.

Liz Black is an expert in the field and is excited to share with you her passion for amazing skin! You may see her in person or schedule a consultation over the phone/Skype. If you are suffering from that four letter word called ACNE, rosacea, aging skin, pigmented skin or scarred skin and you are looking for results that will last without damaging your skin further with lasers, acids and carcinogenic chemicals; then CALL today to schedule your SKIN FITNESS COACHING SESSION.

One session will include the following to help you get on the right holistic path to healthy vibrant looking skin! You may visit us or schedule a phone/Skype consultation.  $75 // 30 MIN.

  •  In depth skin and symptoms analysis
  • detailed skin care regimen
  • supplementation recommendations
  • diet + lifestyle recommendations
  • A treatment outline that is clear and concise to keep you motivated and on track
  • Take home packet of helpful information and resources
  • Get “The Skinny” (our newsletter with FREE tips, tricks, and coaching advice.PA-divider



Every second Tuesday of the month I offer a free presentation on CBD health benefits and the science behind it’s powerful sacred plant medicine. Please join me and learn how to live stress free and pain free! For more information and to order CBD online you can visit my store at the website link below.

When: 6:00pm

Where: Pur Aesthetics 3200 Mesa Way Suite A Lawrence, Kansas 66049