TrueBrow™ is the brand revolutionizing the beauty industry! Comprised of both the TrueBrow™ System and TrueBrow™ Collection, these two services go hand-in-hand to present you with beautiful, soft, feminine brows, naturally. Using both these services, you will be amazed at what is possible using your very own brows, regardless of the state they are currently in.

Liz Black is a TrueBrow™ Ambassador and has been chosen to be a part of the Brow Secrets™ International’s Elite Group of Salons. She completed the Masterclass training with Elle Wilson and the TrueBrow team in Las Vegas January of 2018.

TrueBrow™ Design $40

With meticulous care and vision for your brows we will begin the process of correcting, restoring, designing and transforming your brow. This service is incredibly relaxing because our gift to you during a busy day is providing a soft comfortable massage table for you to lay down on while listening to soft beach waves. We like to have a quiet and tranquil environment because artistry and vision can not be rushed. Your brow will be trimmed, tinted, waxed, tweezed and filled in with the TrueBrow™ Collection.


Once your initial design is in place you will just need to come in for a monthly visit to keep it looking amazing!


Are you tired of wearing mascara to see your lashes?  Then let’s tint! The eyes are a window to your soul! Brow tinting is also a great way to build depth and fullness to your design. Tint will last 4-6 weeks.